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Stay Hungry

Say for example if my goal is to read 12 books this year after I read 12 books, I have achieved my goal. Even if I am satisfied, I may not read more. Most likely next year I will set a higher goal. But, if I am hungry, I can read to understand the essence of the book more in-depth. 

That way for every book I read, hundred other doors open for further exploration into the subject matter. Here, instead of getting the number, I create a list of personal goals e.g. Read 12 books, what is in each book, a specific topic, etc.

Stay foolish

How many times have you heard relatives, friends or mentors tell you to play it safe? They say to follow the long-term path of “going to school, getting good classes, getting a good job”. But risk-takers believe that life is bigger, more fun, and far away.
They say: "Starting a business without a penny is stupid." "Being a professional musician is impossible." "Dedicating your life to solving a problem that no one else in the world can do is insane." The world will not be bored and will not change if no one takes these risks and understands these ideas.
However, many believe that the world cannot be changed. But that doesn’t stop those who try. If you do not know what the limit is, you have no limit. So you have to have the knowledge and the mentality to challenge common standards, don’t accept them. Often you have to be hungry and challenge the standard.

Make a difference

Be smart, and seek advice on how to live your life to the fullest. Do not be afraid that you will fail or be ridiculed for what you believe. This is good advice for anyone, but mainly for young people. So, go out there in the world. Strive to fulfill your dreams, fall, rise again, move forward, and fight for them. Be hungry and be smart. Be adventurous. Think big. Change things for the better. If things don’t work out, try something else, but keep going.
Never be satisfied with a job or an unproductive routine. Try and take the leap, so that you will have no regrets later in life.

Stay Hungry, Stay foolish

To sum up, be curious, hungry, and smart to learn and grow in life. Be a sponge and absorb all the knowledge gained from experiences. In the future, you can apply this knowledge to other aspects of your life.  
When you think you know nothing, you have to learn new things and explore how you like them. Opportunities are infinite to continuously grow and find the next big thing. 
Never be complacent, pay attention to where you are headed and research on skills you need to get there. Knowing that everything you can get, brick by brick, helps creates a new path to success. 


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