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Value System Of An Organization:
"Anyone who starts using Google services uses them for lifetime. Similar is the case with Amazon & Apple. This is called a 'Cult Following.' This happens if you have a strong value system practiced everywhere, in your products, customer service & employees' behaviour."
- Shalav Daftuar

"To reduce stress, take that first step towards your goal which you have been procrastinating for long! You will see your stress reducing magically. Procrastination and worrying without action is the source of all stress."
- Shalav Daftuar

Core Values & Intensions:
"If your core values and intentions are right, do not care about what others think.. Go for your dream projects, you will always succeed in your journey."
- Shalav Daftuar

Pricing Your Product:

"Instead of lowering the price to attract customers, increase the value and make it the best quality product in the world.

As you increase the quality, you can increase the price. Conversely, if the price is not above the other products in the market then, you will not get money to invest in giving higher value and developing your product quality."

- Shalav Daftuar

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"Your brand is like a reputation. You need to be very careful to keep it high in the society. One wrong step can spoil it forever."

- Shalav Daftuar 

Money Making Formula:

"Do not chase the money, be the biggest value giver. When customers come to you, be a leader of their community. If you do this, money will chase you and you will not even realize this happening."

- Shalav Daftuar 

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