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Ways to keep Employees Happy

How can you pay your people more when you're already paying them a lot? Human beings are motivated by a lot more than money. It is a unique algorithm. 

The algorithm has to do with respect, love, and caring for them. Apart from the algorithm of respecting and paying them well, they should be given a bonus regularly, especially as the company grows. Employees should see and be part of the growth. There is something even bigger than the money i.e. encouragement. You need to see it as part of their compensation package. Diversify your team's compensation package to include encouragement. It starts with you as a leader. 

Here's a simple exercise:

i. List all employees in your company. If there are a hundred employees, list 20 of them for this exercise. 

ii. Create a log, with their names, and the departments. 

iii. Every time you notice an employee excelling at work, give them a performance bonus, and consider that part of their paycheck. 

If you only notice eight of your team members out of 10, but you forget two of them because you don't interact with them much. Or witness their performance first-hand this can discourage them. Seek them out. Find them, and encourage them to work hard. Interaction is crucial to keep the momentum of the team going. 

Observe what people are doing right, and appreciate their efforts. Tell them that you're elated to have them on the team. Acknowledge the fact that without them things would not be functioning smoothly. 

People don't live on money alone, to make a compensation package more wholesome, encouragement is the key. The thing with humans is that once you encourage them, you in turn feel much better about your role as their leader. And your employees feel much better about themselves as people. It's a good practice to incorporate at work, leading to a healthier and happier culture. Diversify your compensation package by including encouragement! This way their compensation package is going to feel complete. In turn, you will have more productivity pouring in. 

A simple way to begin encouraging employees is to start with a long list of your employees. Make sure that you're encouraging them all the time. If your organization uses Slack or another communication app, make it a point to encourage someone every day.  

If you're the leader, encouragement plays a huge part. Especially public encouragement! Encouraging employees in front of their peers is crucial. As you should be doing that all the time by making it a part of your team's compensation package. This diversification is what will make you the best leader, and a boss the employees have ever had. Employees deserve it, as they are sacrificing not just time, but sleep and much more to work towards achieving the organization's goals. They're showing up early, by encouraging them you will notice how the dynamics change, with the productivity of the team reaching new heights.

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